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A Revolution in Shareholder Right’s Management
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QInsight simplifies and legalese and extracts and highlights relevant clauses to keep investors in the loop on when and how they can exercise their rights, and sends out alerts concerning prospective changes to shareholding patterns.
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It is also equipped with scenario modelling capabilities that help investors examine the potential impact of new investment rounds on their shareholding percentage.
QInsight helps investors navigate the complicated landscape of investment and saves a lot of money on legal fees.
Shareholders’ Agreements are dense and complicated, with stakeholders’ rights, covenants and obligations buried deep inside them. But what if you could view a shareholders’ agreement on your dashboard? And, in the event of external triggers, search through the contents of the document for clauses ranging from anti-dilution rights and ROFRs to Share Transfer Provisions and Pre-emption rights? That’s exactly what we have done with QInsight, our revolutionary new shareholders’ AI-powered rights module, which is focused on governance and investment protection rights.